“Se venía venir”

Dámaso Cebrián López

The River, the Garden and the House

3 tools for expansion, used in different rituals:

  • Ritual 1: Tune in with the stream: listen to the stream and capture. Do this daily.
  • Ritual 2: Gardening: plant ideas, connect, develop them. Do this on the weekend.
  • Ritual 3: Inviting home: share with others.

When in doubt…

When stuck, clean a surface of the house. Your desk, the kitchen table, the living room floor. Create space for ideas and let them come.

Micro Stories

This one still works.

“One bit of advice: it is important to view knowledge as sort of a semantic tree — make sure you understand the fundamental principles, i.e. the trunk and big branches, before you get into the leaves/details or there is nothing for them to hang on to.”

Elon Musk on learning

There should be no economies of scale.

Take what you dont't want to do and devote your full attention as if it was the most precious thing you have.

Loving and caring are the same thing (not cause/consequence).


Diversity is not that relevant if all you want is a bunch of guys throwing lines of code in a room. But if you want to build high performance teams, where people learn from each other to make a difference to our products and to our clients, then that’s a different story.

Man in the Arena

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

—Theodore Roosevelt


What is Self-Transcendence? Definition and 6 Examples (+PDF)

"“Transcendence refers to the very highest and most inclusive or holistic levels of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature, and to the cosmos” (Maslow, 1971, p. 269)."

A Life on Our Planet

Finished watching it. Our solution implies learning to be part of nature again. The solution is to rewild the planet. Bring back the wild life to it.

  • Don't eat meat.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Sustainable fishing.

To grow the boundaries of possibility.

Time an again

I love how cyclical the whole thing is: we keep coming to the same ideas time and again and time and experience gives them the opportunity to mutate and to evolve.

The system must ensure that this pattern is embedded into it. The garden, the stream. Rain again the same water that rained long ago. Go back to your plants, water them, contemplate them.

Moon in the water

We are the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water. we are not the moon, nor the water. But both are needed.


My Zen Monkey claims for more spirituality. Tao gives the direction: frugality, humility and compassion.

It connects us with something beyond our understanding. It permeates how we dress, how we feel, how we live.

Fascinated by the spirituality of Russell Brand


Accountability means putting your name on the line. Your work has your signature. In team work, members must sign their work.

Unborn. A new name.

The verge of possibility

Everyone working on the verge of possibility is bound to try things that are not going to work. That's the price to be there. But would you like to be anywhere else? I guess the key is to know when something is not working.


As the space of possibility expands, what is inside turns to uniformity.

Frame and content (cont.)

There is a time for the content, but we must make sure we spend time on the frame.

In the content our ambition should be to enlarge, to expand the space of posibilities.

In the frame we simply rest in its mistery.

Are we the frame or are we the content?

I see light

The moon shapes a monochrome landscape. When no colors are seen, I see the light. And the light draws the shapes beautifully.

Craft obsessions. Pick one thing and obsess over it.

Aleph where my head is

Where my head is supposed to be, there's just space in the world. There's just a mirror of the world where everything is reflected. That's what I call an aleph, where my head is, there's an aleph of this world.

2020 looks like an ad of stoicism


Un sol tardío de verano, una brisa temprana de otoño.

Las mañanas son un refugio

Son rituales: siempre la misma rutina. Son distintas: no se parecen al resto del día. Son solitarias: no hay nadie y nadie espera nada de mí.

Online time and wear

I'm so disappointed that online space cannot show wear. There's nothing telling you how old something is. Or the fact that it has been rebuilt several times. Or that it's the result of many contributions over time. There's no way to worship and appreciate those landmark sites. That disability is the biggest handicap in my view.

It's not I like to do it and now I have to do it. It's I simply do it.


Trim it down until you can make it beautiful in the first shot.

A brief fall

I'm a raindrop that briefly falls from the sky to the earth.

Instead of life, we could call it fall.

We're a brief triumph of order. One more of billions of attempts to bring structure.

Litany Against Fear from Dune

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up. Discharge your duties faithfully and well. Systematically you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. Nevertheless, you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. Slug it out one inch at a time, day by day. At the end of the day —if you live long enough— most people get what they deserve.”

—Charlie Munger

“When stumped by a life choice, choose enlargement over happiness.”

Oliver Burkeman in Eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life

Levels of abstraction (or hierarchy levels) should be limited to 3 (4 max)

What happens when you remove all the bullshit expectations of gregarious groups, built over years of mental images?

A brief moment of perfect order, while we fall again and merge into the waves.

Sending a note to your future self

It’s not as easy as it seems. How can you ensure you will read your note? Is there something that you absolutely do daily? Always?

Consider sending an email to yourself; it presents the three key problems to solve:

  1. Do you check email everyday?
  2. Are you sure you will see your email?
  3. Can you schedule that email to be received on the day required?

Those are the three key requirements:

  1. It must be something you check everyday.
  2. It must guarantee an acceptable signal to noise ratio.
  3. It must enable to schedule the notes.

Sometimes, if your project is bound to a certain place, a post it is actually what you need.

One good thing is that phones are now always with us. Smart watches too, btw.

I think it's time to build an app: NTYFS

Access the kernel

Like going down the abstraction layers of a computer all the way to the command line or the kernel… things become at the same time simpler, more powerful and more difficult. The same way we can do with our minds.

“One day, you’ll look back and it will all make sense.”

Kleon, Austin. Steal Like an Artist

Que el amanecer te pille haciendo algo útil.

Start simple

“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. ... A complex system designed from scratch never works & cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.” - Gall's Law

The most effective way I develop a predator's mindset of confidence and determination is by knowing more on the subject.

La hiedra moverse

Hoy de noche he visto la hiedra moverse y he oído a alguien silbar. ¿Qué está pasando aquí?

Causa y consecuencia

“Has confundido causa y consecuencia. No es que no te muevas porque estás deprimida, es que estás deprimida porque no te mueves.”

Zen Monkey

If you control your breathing, you control everything.


La sensación de exponerse al juicio de otros es adictiva y excitante. La tenía con el blog, además cuando el talante es un talante de amigo, humilde y entretenido, nadie tiene una mala reacción. Más difícil es cuando escribes para sentar cátedra.

En la hiedra

No. Claramente algo se mueve dentro de esa hiedra. No son las hojas cayendo por el otoño.


What was a first order target—growth, profit, return on equity—should become an hygienic factor: target a certain amount, but everything over it is an excess.

We can apply this to our lives: target a certain amount of income, and once reached we should maximize other variables:

  • Sustainability of that income in our lifetime.
  • Personal fulfillment and meaning.
  • To be brainstormed...

La Hiedra

En el silencio de la mañana se oyen caer las hojas de la hiedra. Caen tropezando por el interior de la planta, y suenan como algún animalillo reptando. Cuando llega la luz, varios pájaros vienen a rebuscar algo ahí dentro.

La verdad es que esa hiedra tiene pinta de esconder algo.


“What I learned is just the importance of taking moments where you’re not doing anything. So turning off the computer, turning your phone to silent, just actually finding pockets of time where you sit with yourself and you have kind of a daily check in and reflection about what you’re thinking, how you’re doing, kind of what’s going on.”

Maria Konnikova

Don't build it, let it grow.

The 3 spirits

The boy. Who lives in the present, enjoys the moment, explores, feels and has no concerns for the future or the past.

The hunter. Who competes, wants to win, to improve. Has goals and ambitions. Stretches himself beyond his limits. His mind is in the future, in the possibilities that he can grasp.

The sage. Who reflects, who is aware of the impermanence of our lives, who connects with our spirituality, which is beyond our comprehension.

List of beneficial habits

  • Walk (M)
  • Workout (M)
  • Meditate (-)
  • Sleep 7-8 hours a day (E)
  • Eat healthy (-)
  • Fast (E)
  • Declutter (-)
  • Read (M/E)
  • Journal (E)
  • Set daily priorities (E)
  • Reflect on the day (E)
  • Review your past thoughts (E)

Obras eternas

La fascinación por las estructuras gigantes, que han requerido planificación, tenacidad, disciplina, superación y compromiso.

Obras heroicas por ambición, ingenio y ejecución.

Las 7 maravillas del mundo todas comparten estas características.

Always work on a clean surface.

Treat preparation as a sacred ritual.

A new abstraction layer

Human beings are on a race to trivialize what once was an endeavor: from making fire, to traveling long distances, to publishing information.

One day building apps will be trivialized too. What could happen when you build that abstraction layer? When a device can behave exactly as you command? What is the language of such commands? Is it that only a few coders are fluent in such language and now it’s a matter of building those translations?

Which brings us to the unequivocal behavior of information systems and the need to unequivocally describe what you want them to do.

Tools & Tasks

Thinking now on how to choose tools for specific tasks.

Choose a generic tool that you use a lot and therefore can fully dominate (e.g. VIM). Choose a very specific tool, with a narrow use case, perfect for the job (e.g. Ulysses).

Choose a reliable tool and format, one that can be used without fearing of it disappearing in the future (e.g. VIM). Or choose a shiny new toy, full of new features but with an uncertain future (e.g. Roam Research).

Zen Monkey

No alcanzo, simplemente soy.

Confined in a stratum of possibility

We unconsciously confine ourselves into a certain stratum of possibility.

We create a glass ceiling with our beliefs of what is the adjacent possible.

We understand that in order to move, one step must follow another, so that one foot must always be touching the ground.

But jumping is actually possible. Not just jumping, flying.

Fer y los médicos y el virus

—No vayas al médico, mamá.
—¿Por qué?
—Porque están preocupados.
—¿Y por qué están preocupados?
—Porque no saben qué hacer.

Things to do with your boy

  • Play with a new toy.
  • Play the piano.
  • Draw.
  • Make a sticker.
  • Make a movie.
  • Make an app.
  • Make a game.
  • Make an icon.
  • Imagine a city, a house, a labyrinth.
  • Imagine a character.
  • Make up a story.
  • Diagram a problem and a solution.
  • Invent a new way to show something.

What for?

What is the purpose of all this effort but to create something of our own.

Ideally something that means something to others.

Ideally something that outlives us.

Keep Going

Súper desmotivado, sin foco, sin proyecto. Quizás deba seguir los 10 mandamientos del “Work From Home” de Austin Kleon:

  1. Take one day at a time.
  2. Rely on your rituals.
  3. Make lists / brain dump.
  4. Disconnect from the world.
  5. Be playful.
  6. When in doubt, tidy up.
  7. Naps are a secret weapon.
  8. Walk.
  9. Finish the day and be done with it.

Grains of sand

We are nothing but grains of sand falling through the hourglass.

We come from something bigger, and will fall back to something bigger.

Our only time is that brief moment of the fall, individuals separated from the mass we come from, dreaming about what could be.

“Me leí a mí mismo con la esperanza de encontrar consejo, dirección y fuerza.”

Un mensaje de un yo distinto, en otro tiempo y en otras circunstancias. Otro barco de Teseo. Quizás él tuviera las respuestas que a mí me faltan hoy.

“Si te duermes antes de morir, ¿tienes un sueño infinito?”

Dámaso durante un largo paseo

deliris es casa de sueños

deliris como una casa de sueños. Como un laberinto de estancias, cada una distinta. No es minimalista, es diverso, representa muchas cosas. Cada rincón invita a quedarse. Cómo puedo trasladar esa misma sensación a la web. deliris = casa de sueños, home of dreams, dream home.

Quizás mi sueño me haya dado la pista. Confía siempre en tus sueños. Son mensajes de otros.

Casa de Sueños

La casa estaba llena de recovecos. Era diáfana pero su forma creaba muchos rincones, y la forma en la que estaba amueblada la convertía en una especie de laberinto. En todo lugar había una invitación a sentarse y echar el rato. En un giro inesperado descubrías una instancia. “¡Nunca había estado aquí!” Un espacio para trabajar con una gran mesa de madera clara, el tablero inclinado. En otra una vitrina guardaba incontables figuritas, como pequeños totems de distintos materiales, delicadamente tallados.

“Be careful what you tolerate, you are teaching people how to treat you.”

I don't know

In this life

Maybe the only thing I need to think about is: the things I could to in this life. Just listing them will make them happen.


Ese viento de madrugada me trajo recuerdos del Casar. De sus noches de verano. He recordado que de niño pasé mucho tiempo solo.

El mayor valor de estas aplicaciones es devolverte tus ideas y notas en momentos inesperados.

Daaso Makamada

Cómo > Qué

El proceso es más importante que el objetivo. El hábito es más importante que el proyecto. El camino es más importante que el destino. El cómo es más importante que el qué.

Esto desafía los principios básicos de todo lo que hemos aprendido en el ámbito industrial, capitalista. Me encanta.

Cosas que podría hacer hoy

Ese condicional podría tiene un efecto extraordinario. Es casi un conjuro. De repente lo que era una tarea se convierte en un brainstorming de posibilidades. Y reaccionas como quien tiene una oportunidad, no una obligación.

Ese hoy, que fija una tiempo cercano, inmediato, le da un marco al ejercicio que es cercano y tangible.

Laberinto de Ideas

Continúo escribiendo en el modelo de zettelkasten deliris, convirtiéndolo en un laberinto de ideas.

Laberinto de ideas me parece un concepto cautivador. Quizás debería desarrollarlo. Mañana tocará un zettel del tema.


Trato de registrar inútilmente en la memoria momentos de felicidad simple y efímera. Fernando apoyado en mi regazo, en el jardín de mañana, sumergido en la mantita, escuchando juntos un pájaro, un búho, el agua que corre.

Todos esos momentos se me escaparán entre los dedos. ¿Cuántos momentos con Dámaso he olvidado ya?

Los transcribo aquí con la esperanza de que algún día yo mismo vuelva a recorrer estas páginas y pueda revivir, quizás no los momentos, pero sí la sensación que me dejaron.

El camino

El camino no lleva a ningún sitio pero no por ello vamos a dejar de recorrerlo. Hay dos formas de hacerlo: parándose a disfrutar de su belleza, o marcándose metas para retarse a uno mismo. Cualquiera de las dos es igual de válida.

A platform over a platform over a platform

Build a platform to build a platform to build a platform… such fractality and recursiveness is mindblowing. What is the finality, though?


El sentido de posibilidad, la sensación de que algo es posible, la proyección de uno mismo en un mejor escenario, es una actitud, no el resultado de un proceso racional y objetivo. Es más emocional que eso. Y cuando alguien tiene esa actitud, y hace un esfuerzo por transmitirla, se contagia. Kevin Kelly dice que el entusiasmo equivale a 25 puntos de IQ. Amén.

El tiempo se puede crear, si sabes cómo.

Editing this in iVim.

Inspiration stems from a sense of possiblity.

Sobre una estructura rígida emerge algo orgánico y nuevo.

The System of the World

Stuck in the plain text management. I’m starting to mix ideas and needs and concepts in my research. I believe that is what networked thinking was about, right? How impossible it is to design “The System of the World”!


Seems like this is all about exposing yourself to a vast amount of input, letting your biology process it, then review and synthesize, review and synthesize… until you’ve distilled something that speaks to you.

Surfing life

Te sientas mirando al mar, sentado en la tabla, sintiendo el ir y venir de las olas. Cuando te has familiarizado con el patrón, buscas una ola. Cuando te has subido a una, la surfeas sin pensar en nada más. No piensas en las que vienen después, no piensas en las que han pasado, le dedicas toda tu atención.


Perseguir espirales ascendentes. Repetir y repetir algo. Siempre introduciendo variantes pequeñas. Asciendes hasta algún punto, luego la espiral, inevitablemente, desciende. En ese punto, enganchar otra espiral, que idealmente has cultivado en paralelo. Siempre encuéntrate que estás ascendiendo en alguna de tus espirales.

Explore, then synthetize

At this time I’m writing morning pages, 5 min, exploring what’s in my head. The real stream of consciousness creates a certain content, that then I synthetize into a note in Stream of Thought. Really liking this approach.


Mi agenda controla mi tiempo. Me rindo a esa verdad. Ya no la lucho. Es más, la abrazo, y empiezo a programar todo lo que debo hacer. Dos cosas aparecen a mi rescate. Una cita en mi calendario que dice: NADA, otra que dice: Lo que quieras.

25 años han pasado desde que te di un beso en aquella estación de metro.

El primer 10%

De la misma manera que ahorrar el primer 10% de lo que cobras cada mes es “pagarse primero a uno mismo”, el dedicar el primer X% del tiempo a tus prioridades es la forma de invertir primero en uno mismo. El resto de temas ya se ocupan otros de que se cuelen en tu agenda.

Desarrollar estrategias para vencerme a mí mismo.

Hábitos y valores

En el kernel del sistema operativo de una persona están sus hábitos y sus valores. Los valores deben determinar los hábitos y los hábitos deben cimentar los valores.

¿De dónde son tus ancestros?

deliris ciudad perdida

deliris es una ciudad hundida en la memoria. En ella se encuentra la respuesta a la pregunta que llevas tanto tiempo pensando. No la has encontrado pero sabes que existió, y por tanto sabes que existe. Por eso no has dejado de buscarla.

Escribí esto en 2015…

I find Dieter Ram's famous principle: "less but better" extremely powerful. This principle drove his decisions as an industrial designer to craft masterpieces of beauty and usability. They inspired many others, including Apple's John Ive. It is hard to resist the attraction of essentialism in a world of distractions, fast consumption and superficiality. "Less but better" talks about serenity, thoughtfulness and beauty instead.

Aristotle said ... Along the same lines, we are pushed to reflect on how many things in our lives are accessory. How many things can you cut off so what remains can be better? What a difficult task! It demands deliberation, determination and true will. Those competences are hard because we've mastered other arts instead. We've mastered the art of consumption, of things and information. We now consume bits at a higher rate than any other human being has ever done in history. We've mastered the art of reacting. Reacting at anything that is thrown to us, which are many. We consume bits and build our views around them. It quench our intellectual needs and aspirations.

So we try to compete against others in the game of hitting a ball when someone throws it at us. Few ever wonder whether they should be playing that game in the first place. Hitting balls is easy. Perhaps not easy, but it is intuitive. You can't help it. The moment you see the ball coming, your whole body is triggered to react. If you happen to be good at hitting balls, someone else will notice, they will applaud, and you will rejoice. Unlucky you. Do you know who questions whether we should be playing that game in the first place? Those who are really bad at it. They are forced by incompetence to think: "why the hell should I do this?" Do you know what we think of them? "These guys are stupid, not worth our time". We're unable to hear the signal in that noise.

I'm deep in the trap of hitting balls. I'm quite good at it. Always been. School is just a training field at reacting, and I was a great at it. I can keep on reacting until I die, I'll make a very good living out of it. But I feel there's something missing, and I'm pretty sure you feel it too. "Less but better" is an inspiring way out the noise. Less will create the space we need to start tuning in, but focusing on less means taking risks. I'm still figuring how to find the courage to take those risks, specially because the reward is uncertain.

De mi conversación con Dámaso (11 años)

  • Estudias un montón, para
  • Conseguir un buen trabajo, donde
  • Trabajas un montón, para
  • Comprar un montón de cosas, que
  • Sólo necesitas para distraerte de lo mucho que trabajas, o para
  • Dar a tus hijos una buena vida y educación, para que
  • Estudien un montón, para que
  • Consigan un buen trabajo
  • Y así hasta el infinito…

¿Cuánto importa lo que he olvidado?

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Más sobre el aleph

A todos gusta un aleph. Un diagrama que todo contiene. Sobre él, es una mera cuestión de hacer zoom. Siempre hay un home, un root, la posibilidad de volver a verlo todo. Drill down es una cuestión de foco, aleph es una cuestión de perspectiva. Todo lo que hagas tiene que tener un aleph. Yo soy bueno en eso. Aleph es fractal, puedes hacer un zoom in, y te encuentras el aleph de algo, puedes hacer zoom out, y puedes ver el sitio que ocupa en el aleph superior. Esto implica una jerarquía, pero la jerarquía resulta demasiado limitante. ¿Hay otra forma? ¿Acaso Mandelbrot es una jerarquía? No. ¿Es posible replicar esto en ideas? ¿Una arquitectura de todo?

For developers

The idea of something for developers. That collective is bigger everyday, is an aspirational role, very individual, willing to spend in what matters.

On a structure

Handwritten are gorgeuous, engaging and lovely. A system of hyperlinked references is relevant. I’m constantly in meetings, ones refers to others, and I would like to have the possibility to link them together. Where was this mentioned? Where should I mention this? Either I have a super good memory or I have a system that helps me track this.

The system would allow me to write freely, then tag comments, or whole sections, and then refer back to those tages wherever I need them. This roam research I understand is a bit like that. But the buckets are clear:

  1. People
  2. Areas
  3. Projects

I should have a running list of those, as a reference.

On the dangers of language

In another series of experiments a group of people was asked to view furniture from an IKEA catalog. Half the time they were asked to label the object – whether it was a chair or lamp, for example – while the rest of the time they had to say whether or not they liked it. It was found that when asked to label items, people were later less likely to recall the specific details of products, such as whether a chair had arms or not. It was concluded that labeling objects helps our minds build a prototype of the typical object in the group at the expense of individual features.

The rabbit hole of productivity

P.A.R.A method

  1. Projects
  2. Areas
  3. Resources
  4. Archive

Rules of 4: breakdown everything into 4 categories max, and only 4 levels deep.

68 unsolicited advice by Kevin Kelly

  • Learn how to learn from those you disagree with, or even offend you. See if you can find the truth in what they believe.
  • Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points.
  • Always demand a deadline. A deadline weeds out the extraneous and the ordinary. It prevents you from trying to make it perfect, so you have to make it different. Different is better.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask a question that may sound stupid because 99% of the time everyone else is thinking of the same question and is too embarrassed to ask it.
  • Being able to listen well is a superpower. While listening to someone you love keep asking them “Is there more?”, until there is no more.
  • A worthy goal for a year is to learn enough about a subject so that you can’t believe how ignorant you were a year earlier.
  • Gratitude will unlock all other virtues and is something you can get better at.
  • Treating a person to a meal never fails, and is so easy to do. It’s powerful with old friends and a great way to make new friends.
  • Don’t trust all-purpose glue.
  • Reading to your children regularly will bond you together and kickstart their imaginations.
  • Never use a credit card for credit. The only kind of credit, or debt, that is acceptable is debt to acquire something whose exchange value is extremely likely to increase, like in a home. The exchange value of most things diminishes or vanishes the moment you purchase them. Don’t be in debt to losers.
  • Pros are just amateurs who know how to gracefully recover from their mistakes.
  • Extraordinary claims should require extraordinary evidence to be believed.
  • Don’t be the smartest person in the room. Hangout with, and learn from, people smarter than yourself. Even better, find smart people who will disagree with you.
  • Rule of 3 in conversation. To get to the real reason, ask a person to go deeper than what they just said. Then again, and once more. The third time’s answer is close to the truth.
  • Don’t be the best. Be the only.
  • Everyone is shy. Other people are waiting for you to introduce yourself to them, they are waiting for you to send them an email, they are waiting for you to ask them on a date. Go ahead.
  • Don’t take it personally when someone turns you down. Assume they are like you: busy, occupied, distracted. Try again later. It’s amazing how often a second try works.
  • The purpose of a habit is to remove that action from self-negotiation. You no longer expend energy deciding whether to do it. You just do it. Good habits can range from telling the truth, to flossing.
  • Promptness is a sign of respect.
  • When you are young spend at least 6 months to one year living as poor as you can, owning as little as you possibly can, eating beans and rice in a tiny room or tent, to experience what your “worst” lifestyle might be. That way any time you have to risk something in the future you won’t be afraid of the worst case scenario.
  • Trust me: There is no “them”.
  • The more you are interested in others, the more interesting they find you. To be interesting, be interested.
  • Optimize your generosity. No one on their deathbed has ever regretted giving too much away.
  • To make something good, just do it. To make something great, just re-do it, re-do it, re-do it. The secret to making fine things is in remaking them.
  • The Golden Rule will never fail you. It is the foundation of all other virtues.
  • If you are looking for something in your house, and you finally find it, when you’re done with it, don’t put it back where you found it. Put it back where you first looked for it.
  • Saving money and investing money are both good habits. Small amounts of money invested regularly for many decades without deliberation is one path to wealth.
  • To make mistakes is human. To own your mistakes is divine. Nothing elevates a person higher than quickly admitting and taking personal responsibility for the mistakes you make and then fixing them fairly. If you mess up, fess up. It’s astounding how powerful this ownership is.
  • Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
  • You can obsess about serving your customers/audience/clients, or you can obsess about beating the competition. Both work, but of the two, obsessing about your customers will take you further.
  • Show up. Keep showing up. Somebody successful said: 99% of success is just showing up.
  • Separate the processes of creation from improving. You can’t write and edit, or sculpt and polish, or make and analyze at the same time. If you do, the editor stops the creator. While you invent, don’t select. While you sketch, don’t inspect. While you write the first draft, don’t reflect. At the start, the creator mind must be unleashed from judgement.
  • If you are not falling down occasionally, you are just coasting.
  • Perhaps the most counter-intuitive truth of the universe is that the more you give to others, the more you’ll get. Understanding this is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Friends are better than money. Almost anything money can do, friends can do better. In so many ways a friend with a boat is better than owning a boat.
  • This is true: It’s hard to cheat an honest man.
  • When an object is lost, 95% of the time it is hiding within arm’s reach of where it was last seen. Search in all possible locations in that radius and you’ll find it.
  • You are what you do. Not what you say, not what you believe, not how you vote, but what you spend your time on.
  • If you lose or forget to bring a cable, adapter or charger, check with your hotel. Most hotels now have a drawer full of cables, adapters and chargers others have left behind, and probably have the one you are missing. You can often claim it after borrowing it.
  • Hatred is a curse that does not affect the hated. It only poisons the hater. Release a grudge as if it was a poison.
  • There is no limit on better. Talent is distributed unfairly, but there is no limit on how much we can improve what we start with.
  • Be prepared: When you are 90% done any large project (a house, a film, an event, an app) the rest of the myriad details will take a second 90% to complete.
  • When you die you take absolutely nothing with you except your reputation.
  • Before you are old, attend as many funerals as you can bear, and listen. Nobody talks about the departed’s achievements. The only thing people will remember is what kind of person you were while you were achieving.
  • For every dollar you spend purchasing something substantial, expect to pay a dollar in repairs, maintenance, or disposal by the end of its life.
  • Anything real begins with the fiction of what could be. Imagination is therefore the most potent force in the universe, and a skill you can get better at. It’s the one skill in life that benefits from ignoring what everyone else knows.
  • When crisis and disaster strike, don’t waste them. No problems, no progress.
  • On vacation go to the most remote place on your itinerary first, bypassing the cities. You’ll maximize the shock of otherness in the remote, and then later you’ll welcome the familiar comforts of a city on the way back.
  • When you get an invitation to do something in the future, ask yourself: would you accept this if it was scheduled for tomorrow? Not too many promises will pass that immediacy filter.
  • Don’t say anything about someone in email you would not be comfortable saying to them directly, because eventually they will read it.
  • If you desperately need a job, you are just another problem for a boss; if you can solve many of the problems the boss has right now, you are hired. To be hired, think like your boss.
  • Art is in what you leave out.
  • Acquiring things will rarely bring you deep satisfaction. But acquiring experiences will.
  • Rule of 7 in research. You can find out anything if you are willing to go seven levels. If the first source you ask doesn’t know, ask them who you should ask next, and so on down the line. If you are willing to go to the 7th source, you’ll almost always get your answer.
  • How to apologize: Quickly, specifically, sincerely.
  • Don’t ever respond to a solicitation or a proposal on the phone. The urgency is a disguise.
  • When someone is nasty, rude, hateful, or mean with you, pretend they have a disease. That makes it easier to have empathy toward them which can soften the conflict.
  • Eliminating clutter makes room for your true treasures.
  • You really don’t want to be famous. Read the biography of any famous person.
  • Experience is overrated. When hiring, hire for aptitude, train for skills. Most really amazing or great things are done by people doing them for the first time.
  • A vacation + a disaster = an adventure.
  • Buying tools: Start by buying the absolute cheapest tools you can find. Upgrade the ones you use a lot. If you wind up using some tool for a job, buy the very best you can afford.
  • Learn how to take a 20-minute power nap without embarrassment.
  • Following your bliss is a recipe for paralysis if you don’t know what you are passionate about. A better motto for most youth is “master something, anything”. Through mastery of one thing, you can drift towards extensions of that mastery that bring you more joy, and eventually discover where your bliss is.
  • I’m positive that in 100 years much of what I take to be true today will be proved to be wrong, maybe even embarrassingly wrong, and I try really hard to identify what it is that I am wrong about today.
  • Over the long term, the future is decided by optimists. To be an optimist you don’t have to ignore all the many problems we create; you just have to imagine improving our capacity to solve problems.
  • The universe is conspiring behind your back to make you a success. This will be much easier to do if you embrace this pronoia.

2 Herramientas

Los mejores resultados los he obtenido tras volcar mis ideas en uno de estos “papers”. El proceso de escribir de forma coherente un “long post” es una forma óptima de contar una historia.

Igualmente, todo en esta vida parece que se reduce a cómo sintetizar la idea en un dibujo o diagrama. Cuando algo está bien pintado, conecta, engancha, motiva, y te incita a darle forma.

Esas dos herramientas parecen fundamentales en el desarrollo de ideas.

“Te he visto y te he echado de menos. Te veo ya con los ojos del que te ha perdido.”

Rutina diaria

He perdido mi rutina diaria. La repaso para no olvidarla.

  • Café fuera de casa.
  • Un credo y un dibujo en el Hobonichi.
  • Leer el Tao.
  • Escribir aquí.

No es tanto, ahora que lo escribo. Pero cuando la mente se me revoluciona con una idea, ni siquiera tengo la capacidad de hacer eso.


The key with the aleph is that everything is visible in the same space. Everything at the same time. And the power stems from knowing that all you need to do is glance through it. Instead of overwhelming it is soothing. A pale blue dot in the middle of vast space. Containing everything there is.


Hoy vuelvo al gimnasio. Retomando algo de "normalidad", sea lo que sea. De hecho, preferiría que el destino no fuera el lugar del que partí. Todos hemos aprendido algo con esto. Importante que algo quede.


There is this system which is a map. That map contains everything. What you’ve done and what you will do, what you need to do what you decided not to. Your thoughts, your wishes.

Code name is Aleph for obvious reasons.

I don’t know what form will it take. But that we can benefit from it.

The river simply reflects what's around it, then carries it over as to teach you again: nothing lasts.

He was already in our future.

Bullshit over bullshit

It feels to me we've been fed with so much bullshit since we were children, by people that have been educated in the same bullshit, that our established values and principles are void of any relevant meaning.

Small wins build up

These little projects build up a sense of accomplishment, and that heightens my spirit. Seems like these small wins have a great impact on confidence and well being.

Actions, not words

So many times I rely on words to get my way. Using words instead of actions is short lived strategy.

Let what you do speak for you. Actions are a thousand times louder than words.

Zen Monkey

No hay un destino, sólo un camino.
El camino no tiene fin, y es distinto cada día.

let go

El proyecto es simplemente poder echar la vista atrás y sorprenderte a ti mismo.

Ser consciente de la fragilidad de la memoria.

Maravillarse por el efecto embellecedor del tiempo.

ichi-go, ichi-e

The combination of a lot of different details makes every moment unique. The appreciation for those details make the world a wonderful place.

Translate that pattern, that experience, to what I create.

Ichi-go, ichi-e—once in a lifetime, cannot be reproduced.

OP-1 is a good example of it.


Really this is beautiful interface. Just a clean slate. Empty. No date. Just the right whitespace.

Ser el marco donde otros pintan.

Ser el valle que el río recorre.


Es increíble cómo me fascina programar. A todos los niveles. El objetivo, el diseño, la programación, la arquitectura. Es un oficio con tantas facetas, tan estimulante, tan retador.

Mientras veo The Last Dance no puedo evitar sentir envidia por una vida dedicada a lo que más te gusta, a lo que se te da bien.

Night Rain


El problema está en la combinación de i) estar cansado, ii) creer que vas a descansar, y iii) darte cuenta de que tienes que hacer algo.

Estas cansado y creerte con derecho a descansar no es un estado físico, es un estado mental. Si puedes cultivar una mente activa, evitas el problema. Siempre alerta: ¿qué puedo hacer ahora?

—¿Cómo me llamo yo, Fer?

La puesta de sol en la playa

—¿Te acuerdas cuando dábamos paseos por la tarde en skate?


—Recorríamos la playa de un extremo a otro, esquivando a la gente, y llegábamos a las rocas.


—Allí nos quedábamos en el malecón, esperando la puesta de sol, que se escondía por tras el mar.

The Stream - ideas

The stream is optimized to capture ideas, to dos, thoughts. It minimizes the effort to capture them. Doesn't ask for anything. Feels immediate.

Ideas follow the stream downwards, in an almost infinite scroll. They show themselves entirely, no matter how big or small. You don't need to click on them to get more info.

Ideas die into The Ocean. A massive blob of concepts, cannot be searched, can only be explored.

After a certain amount of time, ideas rain back into the stream, they return to you. Perhaps they mean something different now. They tells us something about ourselves and about time.

The river feels more alive the more you use it.

Cuando no haya futuro

Qué pasará cuando no tenga planes ni proyectos. Cuando el río esté seco. Cuando sólo quede un océano de recuerdos que se sumergen a zonas oscuras e inaccesibles.

Fer ha caído en la piscina

Fer se ha caído hoy en la piscina. Lo ha hecho mientras yo hacía gimnasia en el jardín. He oído el chapoteo y, a pesar de que estaba con los cascos, he intuido el problema. He saltado por instinto. No he pensado en nada. Cuando he llegado él ya estaba remontando desde el fondo, esforzándose por subir. Su carita de susto cuando ha salido.

Cambios de tiempo

El agua está ahora fresca pero lista para meterse. El sol calienta tanto que los niños ya están queriendo meterse. El patio está lleno de polvo amarillo de polen.

Looking back

We spend so much time looking into the future. I need to do this. I’m going to plan that. This is my goal. I want that.

Looking into the future is necessary. It can also weight us down by loading heavy expectations in our back.

We seldom reflect back on our memories with appreciation. Looking back to celebrate what we’ve done. Looking back with gratitude. With perplexity, perhaps.

Looking back can give us a wonderful perspective and fill our hearts.

Los pájaros despiertan a eso de las 6 de la mañana. Media hora más tarde estoy en el jardín, escuchándolos y oliendo la primavera.


¡Qué ligera es la moral que se anima con tachar una tarea!

“The true meaning of a term is to be found by observing what a man does with it not what he says about it.”

Stuart Chase on The Tyranny of Words

The 3 circles

Maybe it´s the time to reconsider the idea of the 3 circles. me, team, pub.

Your time is either split between: individual work (me,) collective collaboration (team,) or public presentation (pub.)

Back in the days I dreamed of an office with that layout. 3 circles, the inner one being a library style individual haven, the middle one being a place to collaborate, the outer one is one for presentation and available to the public.

These are the aspects that each circle affect:

  • Visibility. Who can access the information in each circle.
  • Mood. Quiet, collaborative, open.
  • Tools. Some are common but some are specific for the use case.


El cambio vendrá cuando:

  1. Contratemos a alguien que no hemos visto físicamente y no vive en Madrid.
  2. Alguno de nosotros se vaya a vivir a otra ciudad y siga trabajando.

Mientras esto no se produzca… no están cambiando realmente las cosas.


La idea de construir con una Raspberry Pi un marco digital de este stream of thought. Una pantalla de papel electrónico. Una sola entrada, visible durante 30 minutos.

Es la simplicidad de la idea, lo parco de su presentación, la imposibilidad de interactuar, lo que hace de esto algo especial.


Reaccionamos de forma más emocional a indirecciones que a menciones explícitas. “La vereíta verde, plagá de yerba.” Decir algo sin decirlo, sugerirlo mediante alguna relación.

Name iterations


Back at coding. I love it!

Listen to everything from Oláfur Arnalds.

Another project idea

Create a text frame using eInk with the Raspberry Pi where I display the contents of my stream of thought. 5 minutes each, iterating through them over time. That seems like a great project.

Flexibility comes from discomfort. Flexibility is a sign of life, a sign of beginning.

Machines wake up

The civilized world is waking up. I can hear it roaring in the morning, drowning the sound of birds and water. The world was ours to take, but we will lose it soon enough. We will then miss what we had, what we learned was possible. It will just be a memory, and will blur over time to become a dream. What have we learned? Can it be that we will keep nothing? What can I do for it?


Este virus nos ha mostrado otra posible ciudad. Cuando salimos a pasear con los niños, con las carreteras tomadas por los peatones y las bicis, somos conscientes de cuántas concesiones hemos hecho al tráfico rodado. Sólo al vivirlo soy consciente de ello.

Cuando no es posible (o necesario) viajar grandes distancias, cuando no convertimos en norma el commuting, reaparece la sensación de comunidad, y la comunidad reconquista esos espacios.

¡Qué decisión de compromiso! ¿Hay acaso una solución que concilie ambos?

A place in the world: the blank page.

Zen Monkey

En el espacio de lo que no conocemos cabe todo.

The river, the map and the now

The river carries every thought and every idea. Every drop.

The map holds them in place, structured, navigable.

The river is a flow, lives in the instant, is chronological. Looks like a timeline, a twitter feed. It's fast and immediate. It is stream of consciousness. It's a skill you develop: to capture things as they come. The river flows into your past.

The map is that page that you write and overwrite and overwrite. Everything is there, and everything is visible. It's an Aleph of your life, but looks into the future. Induces pain, because its filled with expectations, anxiety and guilt. The map is dangerous, the more time you spend on it, the more miserable you become.

So there is somewhere else that is needed. Somewhere that represents the now. Somewhere that is peaceful and empty, because it is small, infinitesimal, void. This place you can always visit, it is always reachable.

El caracol ha vuelto a visitarme, hoy sobre una tarima empapada de lluvia.

24 seasons

  • Risshum (Feb 4-18): Beginning of spring
  • Usui (Feb 19-Mar 5): Rainwater
  • Keichitsu (Mar 6-20): Insects awaken
  • Shunbun (Mar 21-Apr 4): Spring equinox
  • Seimei (Apr 5-19): Pure and clear
  • Kokuu (Apr 20-May 4): Grain rains
  • Rikka (May 5-20): Beginning of summer
  • Shoman (May 21-Jun 5): Lesser ripening
  • Boshu (Jun 6-20): Grain beards and seeds
  • Geshi (Jun 21-Jul 6): Summer solstice
  • Shosho (Jul 7-22): Lesser heat
  • Taisho (Jul 23-Aug 7): Greater heat
  • Risshu (Aug 8-22): Beginning of autumn
  • Shosho (Aug 23-Sep 7): Manageable heat
  • Hakuro (Sep 8-22): White dew
  • Shubun (Sep 23-Oct 7): Autumn equinox
  • Kanro (Oct 8-22): Cold dew
  • Soko (Oct 23-Nov 6): Frost falls
  • Ritto (Nov 7-21): Beginning of winter
  • Shosetsu (Nov 22-Dec 6): Lesser snow
  • Taisetsu (Dec 7-21): Greater snow
  • Toni (Dec 22-Jan 4): Winter solstice
  • Shokan (Jan 5-19): Lesser cold
  • Daikan (Jan 20-Feb 3): Greater cold

Ambient tune

Very much inspired by Thursday Afternoon. Just playing without rhythm.


Cada instante es muy pequeño.
No cabe nada en él.
No cabe nada.
Somos ese instante.

Buscar aquello que no puede repetirse, reproducirse. Aquello que es fruto de un momento único.

Viene a verme

A veces pienso que ese pájaro es mi padre. Que viene a beber y a saludarme. Que está bien, que está tranquilo. Que no espera otra cosa que saber que yo también estoy bien.


Actúa in actuar,
ocúpate en no ocuparte en nada,
saborea lo que no tiene sabor.
Ten por grande lo pequeño y por mucho lo poco.
Intenta lo difícil en lo fácil,
realiza lo grande en lo menudo.
En el mundo lo difícil empieza por lo fácil,
y lo grande por lo menudo empieza.
Por eso el sabio nunca realiza cosas grandes,
y así es como puede llevar a cabo grandes cosas.
Quien promete a la ligera por fuerza gozará de escaso crédito,
quien juzga todo fácil por fuerza hallará todo difícil;
de ahí que el sabio tenga todo por difícil,
y así nunca tropieza con dificultades.

¡Cuántas lecciones!

El Caracol

Encontré un caracol esta mañana en el jardín. Parece que me quería decir:

—¡Tómatelo con calma, chaval!

—Pero… esto tiene pinta de que va a ser duro.

—Duro… blando… son todo interpretaciones. Simplemente haz como yo, muévete despacio, pero nunca te pares.


We’re drops of life in this world. We have a limited time for individuality before we reunite in the water that formed us. We will live again, the same but different.

“…la lluvia iba en aumento, el viento arreciaba, y el temporal retiraba a la gente al amor de los hogares.”

Poe en El Hombre de la Multitud

Zen Monkey

De ahí que el sabio sea recto, mas sin herir;

acerado, mas sin pinchar;

franco, sin ofender;

brillante, sin deslumbrar;

Tao Te Ching

Patrones II


Día y noche; luna llena y luna nueva; primavera, verano, otoño e invierno... muchas cosas en esta vida son el resultado del hecho de que todo parece girar, desde la galaxia, hasta la Tierra, hasta la Tierra sobre sí misma, hasta nuestros átomos y partículas. Todo gira.

Que algo gira sobre algo que gira sobre algo que gira crea una sensación de repetición donde nunca nada es igual.


Una luz en el horizonte dibujaba la negra silueta de un paisaje yermo, y anunciaba la proximidad de una ciudad. Continuamos el camino, irremediablemente atraídos por ese brillo en la distancia, esperando en cualquier momento observar los edificios. Sin embargo, no llegaban nunca.

Spring tune

First one with Logic Pro X. Including ambient recording.

Surrender freedom

The place was not let alone to grow organically. Like colonies without order that grow in a certain chaos following basic rules. No. This place was something else. It responded to a vision. And a vision requires submission to it, surrendering the freedom of nature to the instructions of your demiurge. Only that way truly extraordinary and memorable outcomes can be achieved, just as this place was.


—No sé sí debo invertir tanto tiempo en este mundo.

—¿Por qué?

—No tengo tiempo que perder.

—En este mundo el tiempo no se pierde ni se gana, simplemente no existe.

—En ese mundo quizás no exista el tiempo, pero sí en mí.

—Me queda claro que no sabes ni cómo funciona el tiempo ni qué es deliris.

Patrones I

Vida y Muerte.

Todo en este mundo sigue ese patrón, galaxias, estrellas, nosotros. Los componentes fundamentales se mantienen y se reciclan, pero nada es permanente.

La certeza de que todo es temporal le concede un valor a lo que existe. A su vez, nos somete al castigo del abandono, y nos enseña a superarlo.

Hierba mojada

Hoy metí mis pies descalzos en la hierba mojada por la lluvia. Era de madrugada y el frío me causó gran impacto. La sensación me transportó fuera de mi vida encajada, segura y aséptica, a un pasado en el que cada día era distinto, y la convivencia con el mundo te obligaba a aprovechar las oportunidades y lidiar con las dificultades.

Nick Cave's books

  • Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio Carlo Collodi
  • Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy
  • The Rings of Saturn W. G. Sebald
  • Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
  • As I Lay Dying William Faulkner
  • Train Dreams Denis Johnson
  • Moby Dick Herman Melville
  • Coming Through Slaughter Michael Ondaatje
  • Wise Blood Flannery O’Connor
  • Tess of the d’Urbervilles Thomas Hardy
  • The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas

List of recommended books by Nick Cave.

I do not speak

I do not ask for mercy for understanding for peace
And in these heavy days I do not ask for release
I do not ask that suffering shall cease

I do not pray to God to let me die
To give an ear attentive to my cry
To pause in his marching and not hurry by

I do not ask for anything I do not speak
I do not question and I do not seek
I used to in the day when I was weak

Now I am strong and lapped in sorrow
As in a coat of magic mail and borrow
For Time today and care not for tomorrow

Confinement tune

Disonance and dispair.

Suficiente vs Excelencia

En la dicotomía entre suficiente y excelencia, quizás lo que los concilia es practicar la contención en el qué, y aspirar a la perfección en el cómo.

Dado que qué y cómo son fractales, de cada uno depende a qué nivel se queda.

“Do remember, they can't cancel spring.”

David Hockney


Ser el lugar del mundo donde mis hijos acuden a estar tranquilos, seguros.

“Un lugar acogedor donde te sientes seguro,” dijo Dámaso. Eso es lo que yo quiero ser.

Un lugar no habla, no interviene, no hace, no dirige, no aconseja. Un lugar solamente está.

Zen Monkey

Tener muchas de algo es como no tener ninguna. Tener una lo convierte en un tesoro.

“El sabio no desea brillar como el jade, ni ser duro como una roca.”

Tao Te Ching

Regando el patio

Soy un niño. Estoy regando las plantas del patio. Aprieto el extremo de la manguera para dar presión al agua. No consigo controlar cómo sale. Riesgo la parra y los zaguanes. Al fondo, la cochera, respira como un agujero negro. La luz no llega a iluminarla y yo sé que al fondo se encuentra esa habitación que nadie abre.

“For me, then, the first step in the conception of a story occurs when an image that comes to mind seems, for whatever reason, charged with meaning, even if I can't explain that meaning in logical or analytical terms.”

Italo Calvino en 6 Memos for the New Millenium

In the belly of a whale

In the belly of a whale.

It's where you can find reconciliation.

It's the last step before the puppet turns into a real boy.

deliris es un camino

Emprendo un camino. Sé el nombre del destino pero no cómo llegar.

Me obliga a estar atento a las señales. Me obliga a bajarme y preguntar.

Prestar atención me descubre un mundo que no hubiera descubierto de otra forma.

Preguntar me permite descubrir historias que nunca hubiera conocido, protagonizadas por gente que hubieran caído en el olvido.

Estas carreteras poco transitadas, los lugares que nadie visita, el mundo que construyen, las historias que le dieron forma y las personas que le dieron vida. Todo esto es deliris.

¿Y si esto es para siempre?

¿Y si esto es para siempre?

  • ¿Cómo conocerán mis hijos a una chica?
  • ¿Cómo nos mantendremos en forma?
  • ¿Cómo aprenderán mis nietos?
  • ¿Cómo crearemos equipos, empresas?
  • ¿Cómo celebraremos un cumpleaños?
  • ¿Cómo conoceremos el mundo?
  • ¿Cómo serán nuestras vacaciones?

(Debería mantener viva esta lista.)

Lo interesante: todas estas preguntas tienen una solución. Es posible, encontraremos la fórmula, eso es lo que sabemos hacer.

El cambio, por abrupto, abriría heridas: deporte? turismo? restaurantes? Pero abriría otras puertas. Y todas las puertas que abre tienen una misma forma.

Zen Monkey

La mentalidad del que siempre está empezando.

Lo grande desde lo pequeño

Lo grande desde lo pequeño. Como dijo Annie Dillard,

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Lo grande no lo abarcamos. Las grandes preguntas no encuentran respuestas. Los grandes planes no se pueden visualizar.

Lo pequeño, por el contrario, es nuestro. Un día es una medida que entiendo, una vida no.

Lo grande viene de lo pequeño, no al contrario. Estamos seducidos por la idea de que las grandes visiones determinan nuestras pequeñas acciones. Pero el mundo no funciona así. Es una falacia humana. El mundo es el resultado de pequeños movimientos que obedecen a unas leyes, no a un propósito.

No tengo que construir una gran visión, sólo tengo que dictar mis leyes, y según ellas decidir qué haré hoy, qué haré esta mañana, qué haré cuanto termine esto.


Moverse como el agua, permanecer en quietud como un espejo, responder como el eco. Vivir oculto como inexistente, en silencio como la pureza de la soledad, en armonía de convivencia y considerando como pérdida toda ganancia.

Guan Yin, maestro taoísta.

Zen Monkey

The day you cease to travel, you will have arrived.

Now reading…

  • Accelerate, by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim, on how the implementation of DevOps has a deep impact on the performance of the IT organization.
  • Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tse, I read just 2 pages per day, in the morning, as a ritual. I write my thoughts on its pages.
  • Six Memos for the New Millenium, by Italo Calvino, little book that I read sporadically, one memo at a time, and fascinates me for its cultural depth. Inspiring.
  • Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, which I read at night, when I get my kids to sleep, and seems like an exploration of human behavior that is oppressive and bleak.
  • Soy un Gato, by Natsume Soseki, as an entertainment read, mostly on weekends or breaks, mostly in the sun of my garden.

Colisión (nuevo intento)

La luna ocupaba ya todo el cielo visible. La vista era fascinante y aterradora. Alcanzábamos a ver con total nitidez los cráteres, las rocas, las dunas y su arena.

Era un espectáculo desconcertante observar dos suelos enfrentados. Uno bajo nuestros pies y otro sobre nuestras cabezas, árido e inerte. Al desconcierto se unía el efecto gravitatorio que desde días atrás nos tenía desequilibrados y mareados.

Pero la sensación más opresiva era sin duda saber que esa visión extraordinaria, que durante meses había crecido en nuestro cielo, traía consigo la muerte para todos. La sensación de ver algo único, maravilloso, digno de recuerdo y de registro, que habría de ser olvidado para siempre. Mis hijos nunca podrían contarle a sus hijos aquel increíble fenómeno que de niños habían visto.

La colisión se estimaba en 35 horas.

Sigo intentando, iterando, siguiendo la doctrina de Exactitude en 6 Memos for the New Millenium, de Italo Calvino.

El bambú y la tormenta

He visto cómo el bambú se enfrentaba a la tormenta. Se doblaba y se vencía a sus violentos embates. Cuando pasó, el bambú seguía allí. Otros árboles, sin embargo, tenían sus ramas desgarradas, o directamente yacían en el suelo, arrancados del lugar donde durante tanto tiempo habían arraigado.

Turn the ship around

  • Leaders say “I don't know.”
  • Leaders resist telling people what to do.
  • Leaders create a safe environment to promote thinking.
  • Leaders push decisions to knowledge, not the reverse.

Superponer dos cosas inconexas para que nazca algo nuevo e inesperado.


La luna ocupaba ya todo el cielo visible. Era un espectáculo fascinante y aterrador. La colisión se estimaba en 35 horas más.

Zen Monkey

Nada termina.

Interés en lo que falta

Puedes crear interés robando información. Si la escena tiene genuino interés para el que la observa/escucha/... disfrutará con el ejercicio de completar sus detalles, completar su contexto, evocarla completamente. Así la hace suya, y ése gesto le vincula.

El reto está en conseguir un planteamiento interesante, tener la generosidad de no describirlo en su totalidad, y saber qué sustraer.

“Normas permanentes; tácticas cambiantes.”

Tao Te Ching

The crab

Among Zhuang Zhou’s many virtues was his talent for drawing. The king asked him to draw a crab. Zhuang Zhou said he would need five years and a villa with twelve servants. After five years he had not yet begun the drawing. “I need five more years,” he said. The king agreed. When the tenth year was up, Zhuang Zhou took his brush and in an instant, with a single flourish, drew a crab, the most perfect crab anyone had ever seen.

As read in Six Memos for the New Millenium, by Italo Calvino, on quickness.

so that you can fly

A father holds his child high up. He’s flying.

“I will carry the weight so that you can fly.”

Isn’t this the true definition of love?

Zen Monkey

Words are but shadows on the cave.


A sendos lados de la entrada, dos imponentes efigies enfrentadas. Sus miradas apuntando abajo, al punto que, inevitablemente, el visitante ha de atravesar.

Es imposible no sentirse juzgado mientras, con paso prudente, cruzas esa puerta.

Dicen que aquellos que la atraviesan con orgullo encuentran su muerte dentro. Cierto o no, todos agachamos la cabeza cuando sus miradas se clavan en nosotros, y la sensación es, vívida, de estar siendo observados.

Aquel que está muy seguro de algo no puede ser un verdadero sabio.


Clutter occupies the spaces that you don’t use.

The challenge is not to declutter but to make use of every single space (every surface) that you own.


Tantos escenarios he ensayado en mi cabeza que la vida ya no es sino una versión insulsa de los menos interesantes.

Mi apatía ha alcanzado un punto que no es que ya no me importe nada, es que ya no recuerdo que nunca me haya importado, y no consigo conciliar por qué alguna vez habría de hacerlo.

Salir de este letargo requiere, sin duda, una sacudida. Un golpe que me arroje al borde del precipicio. El reto, sin embargo, es que también estos escenarios he ensayado.

¿Qué habría, por tanto, que me despertara?

Zen Monkey

Si no me preocupara por esto me preocuparía por otra cosa.

La cuestión no es qué te preocupa.

La cuestión es aprender a no preocuparse.

Llueve mientras me tomo mi café en el chamizo, cubierto por una manta y sintiendo el frío de la mañana en la cara.

Game of expectations

Creation is very often a little game of expectations. You have some, the creation playfully challenges them. You go too far, you lose them, you stay too close, the result is uninteresting.

It is that game that creates engagement, reaction and feelings.

Structure should be a fractal of challenges. Each stage, chapter, paragraph, sentence.

“Three hundred years from now where will you be and where shall I be?”

Thich Nhat Hanh

“He whose life has a why can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Working from home

Advice to work from home:

  1. Take one day at a time.
  2. Establish a daily routine.
  3. Make lists.
  4. Don’t wake to the news.
  5. Airplane mode.
  6. Stay light. Play.
  7. When in doubt, tidy up.
  8. Naps are a secret weapon.
  9. Demons hate fresh air.
  10. Finish each day and be done with it.

From Austin Kleon.

Hemos dejado de molestar

Y en este mundo extraño de reclusión doméstica aprendemos que no es lo mismo y que algo nos falta. Los pájaros fuera, sin embargo, cantan excitados. Han heredado la tierra. Hemos dejado de molestar, al menos durante unos días.

“Nobody does wrong willingly.”


“Kids speak image.”

Lynda Barry

“Me habría gustado que te quedases.”

La confianza inquebrantable del depredador. Los ojos fieros del que no teme nada.

Se me ha caído la sonrisa

—Uff, se me ha caído la sonrisa.

—Vivimos en un mundo de espejos. Proyectamos, reflejamos, devolvemos lo que se refleja en los otros. Cuando tú no empiezas la cadena, las consecuencias son imprevisibles.

—¿El hábito hace entonces al monje?

—No te quepa duda. Es más. El hábito es el monje. No puedes ir por la vida sin el hábito de la sonrisa. No puedes dejar de ser monje.

—Te entiendo. ¿Qué hago entonces si se me ha caído la sonrisa?

—Tienes que encontrar una nueva. O robarla. Déjame que te preste una.


Luna llena. Marea alta, marea baja. En todos estos años aún no he conseguido templar mi corazón frente a los vaivenes de la vida. No he conseguido aprender a escuchar más allá del estruendo de las olas o el silencio de la calma. Aún siento el miedo. Aún siento la paz.

Redemption loop

After a long week, some sort of redemption tune.

Doesn't add anything new, but it helps me.

It has more layers than anything before.

Never blindly trust Tech God

  1. What is the problem to which technology claims to be a solution?
  2. Whose problem is it?
  3. What new problems will be created because of solving an old one?
  4. Which people and institutions will be most harmed?
  5. What changes in language are being promoted?
  6. What shifts in economic and political power are likely to result?
  7. What alternative media might be made from a technology?

Neil Postman in his “Surrender of Culture to Technology.” Somewhat Amish and certainly relevant.

Long tune

It's played as a long musical phrase... somehow Blade Runner inspired. Overplayed the effects.

Trabajar para ser prescindible en el menor tiempo posible.

Mixer tune

Playing out with the mixer... love the sounds that are organically adjusted.


Mark Loop

Mark L00P

Mk L00P


Travels the imaginary cyberspace. Describes the wonders to the Cyber Lord. All those sites represent the values of those who built them. Architecture of behavior.

Weekend tune

One more loop.

There is no point in thinking so much if you are not going to do something as a result.

Boxed Life

Es cierto. Todas las mañanas son distintas. El color del cielo, el viento, las estrellas, el olor, el sonido de pájaros y el ruido blanco de la carretera.

Nunca había sido tan consciente del clima o de las estaciones.

Volver a entrar en casa es casi un castigo. Volver a meterme en la caja.


La reacción más habitual al tatuaje es: “¿Cómo te atreves? ¡Es para toda la vida!”

Esa sensación de perpetuidad paraliza a la gente: “¿Y si te arrepientes?”

Yo también pensaba lo mismo.

Sin embargo, una vez hecho la percepción es distinta. Queda como una marca de lo que has pensado y has querido en un momento concreto de tu vida. Es ya una parte de ti. Un recuerdo permanente de lo que has sido. Y eso es algo de lo que no anticipo que nadie pueda arrepentirse.

Quizás la irreversibilidad del tatuaje es lo que precisamente cambie la perspectiva una vez lo tienes.

Y quizás esto es una prueba más de cuál debe ser nuestra actitud ante determinadas decisiones. Actúa. A pesar del miedo a arrepentirnos, es probablemente mayor el remordimiento por no haber actuado.

Hay que confiar en que, una vez hayamos actuado, la irreversibilidad del hecho haga que cambie nuestra perspectiva.

Zen Monkey wakes up everyday at the same time.


Después de morir fui a vivir a las casas donde había sido feliz, sólo para descubrir que aquello, también, había sido mentira.

Primera frase de un libro pendiente de escribir.

“I'm interested on the idea of a piece of music being a place to think.”

Max Richter

Viernes noche. Unas cervezas con viejos amigos y Ester. Recordando las historias que llenaron nuestros días.

—Los ojos no mienten, ¿sabes?

Surrender vs Control

So that made me think about not being in control. We usually think that humans’ success comes from being in control, from science, craft, technology. Learning to control and master our environment is an important part of what we are. But if you think of the evolutionary history of humans, until very recently, we weren’t much in control of anything. Humans were at the mercy of forces that were completely beyond our control – the elements, wild animals, plagues, floods and so forth. Life was unpredictable, basically. In that sort of environment, control was useless as a response. So, for a lot of human history, there’s an acknowledgement that you have to go with the flow, not fight it. The best strategy is to navigate and position yourself within the flux of circumstances.

Brian Eno on surrender vs control

“The struggle is great, the task divine—to gain mastery, freedom, happiness, and tranquility.”


It seems to me that most breakthroughs don’t come from lucid ideas, but from i) creating something to solve someone’s problem, then ii) observing how others use what you have created and iii) adjusting it so that it evolves with its usage.

Empezar de cero

Fer juega arriesgando todo en todo momento.

Cuando pierde, sólo se ríe y vuelve a empezar.

Volver a recorrer el camino es parte del juego.


—¿Cuántos besos te quedan, Fer?


Give it 5 minutes →

“The faster you react, the less you think.”

Jason Fried


A professional services company with a cap of 50 employees.

A cap on the size of a project.

A cap on how much do you make: 150k€.

The rest (if any) is dedicated to:

  • learn
  • write books
  • give lectures
  • collaborate in whatever cause
  • do something completely different
  • travel

Post-capitalist business model. Growth is not the target. Maximizing value is not the target.

"Have you ever seen the ending?"

El superpoder de permanecer en silencio

Estoy aprendiendo mucho de este voto de silencio. 90% de lo que digo no aporta nada, es más, es contraproducente.

“I see myself as a well-working lens, a perceiver of something that exists independently of me: don’t look at me, look at what I’ve found.”

Hedda Sterne

Differences… one must be true

2 sets of values that oppose each other.

  • You believe in justice.
  • In right and wrong.
  • You strive to be better, to improve.
  • You believe in goals, in challenges and effort.
  • You enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, of achievement. The reward of hard work.

On the other hand:

  • You don’t judge, because reality is beyond our understanding.
  • You cultivate presence and appreciation.
  • You believe in contempt, you stay at enough.
  • You practice compassion towards everyone.
  • You don’t believe in achievement but on non-action, on letting things unfold.

These 2 things are incompatible. Either you believe in one or in another. I’ve moved from the first and I’m diving more and more on the second.

Feeling entitled is a sure way to feeling disappointed.

...and one final tune

Last one of this weekend. More structure. Somewhat Minecraft inspired.

One ambient OP-1 tune

Moody and weird. I'm loving this thing...

“Come around here when you are ready to be real.”

Black Madonna - Cage the Elefant

Zen Monkey

Zen Monkey was born yesterday.

Will walk on these pages with me.

One OP-1 tune

Playing with a very short loop.

Getting slightly better with the keyboard.

City bird collage.


Con sus uñas se arrancó escamas de piel negra.

En carne viva emprendió una nueva vida.

El tiempo volvería a secar y endurecer.


Hay pocas cosas tan opresivas como la página vacía y la falta de ideas. Pero esto es stream of thought así que venzo la presión simplemente dejándome llevar.

¿Es un fracaso o quizás lo más genuino de este sitio?

El mundo parece un lugar mejor (después de haber hiperventilado.)

Sólo 2 motivos me empujan a actuar: la ilusión y la culpa.

Nos están complicando la vida con tantas facilidades.

Sólo los borrachos

Cuando las palomas remontaron el vuelo, se convirtieron en ceniza.

Un borracho se tambaleaba por la calle e intuyó lo que sucedería.

Una niña desde su ventana negra lo vio todo, pero lo confundió con una pesadilla.


Cierro los ojos y recorro con mis dedos las vetas de la madera.

Me concentro en seguir la huella del tiempo.

Señales de una vida pulida y barnizada, conservada para siempre.

Recuerdos del sol y la tierra que la hicieron posible.

Two more OP-1 tunes

Keep working...

Refugio collage.

“The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength.”

Marcus Aurelius in Meditations


Qué oportuno el lenguaje donde se funden el acto de crear con la necesidad de creer.

Poco a poco nos vamos dando cuenta de que esto no tiene sentido…

…pero no sabemos bien qué hacer al respecto.

The Gap

Cuantos más clips pongo de otros más consciente soy del gap la distancia entre lo bien que escriben y lo relevante de sus reflexiones y lo básicas y pobres que son las mías pero esto es stream of thought y es por tanto un sitio para suspend-judgment aquí escribo por escribir sin preocuparme de quien lo leerá ni qué pensará de ello por eso escribo este post raro sin puntuaciones para reconciliarme con el espíritu de esta idea.

They tend to be outliers, abyss-gazers and misfits, whose sense of isolation is further amplified by their notoriety, and who use their art as a way of connecting to people and legitimising their own strangeness. They understand, on some level, that it is the nature of their vocation to steal across the borders of convention, collect up ideas and bring them back to the world. This requires a certain reckless spirit and it may be that some spend too long on ‘the other side’ and that it becomes difficult for them to return.

Nick Cave in his newsletter.

Entre el sueño y la vigilia

Entre el sueño y la vigilia se conciben ideas y resoluciones que tienen una fuerza inusitada.

En la mayoría de los casos, sin embargo, el día las descarta por ingenuas.

¿Son espejismos en un desierto o destellos de una verdad soterrada?

Pertenecen a un mundo conectado al nuestro pero que opera bajo otras reglas, ¿cuál de los dos es el real?

Marcus Aurelius on focus and simplicity

Approach each task as if it is your last, giving up every distraction, emotional subversion of reason, and all drama, vanity, and complaint over your fair share. You can see how mastery over a few things makes it possible to live an abundant and devout life.

La vida es lo que pasa entre el paréntesis de estas hojas.

El sonido del viento agitando los árboles.

De neumáticos rodando por el asfalto de la autopista.

De la turbina del avión.

Two monks and a woman

The story goes that two monks were traveling together, a senior and a junior. They came to a river with a strong current where a young woman was waiting, unable to cross alone. She asks the monks if they would help her across the river. Without a word and in spite of the sacred vow he’d taken not to touch women, the older monk picks her up, crosses, and sets her down on the other side.

The younger monk joins them across the river and is aghast that the older monk has broken his vow but doesn’t say anything. An hour passes as they travel on. Then two hours. Then three. Finally, the now quite agitated younger monk can stand it no longer: “Why did you carry that women when we took a vow as monks not to touch women?”

The older monk replies, “I set her down hours ago by the side of the river. Why are you still carrying her?”

Nada nuevo, nuevas formas

Nada nuevo bajo el sol.

Filtrar los recuerdos, propios y ajenos.

Nuevas formas, eso sí.

Infinidad de esferas tiene el reloj para un mismo tiempo.

Y, sin embargo, cada tiempo tiene la suya.

El placer, la belleza, el magnetismo de lo imperfecto.

Lonely collage.

Lo que más me gusta en esta vida es aprender y usar lo aprendido.

La falacia de la solución

Vivimos obsesionados por encontrar la solución. Quizás soy yo, y mi trabajo. Todo reducido a despejar la x. Eureka!

Cada día me parece un poco más pueril. No veo en el mundo natural a nadie resolviendo ecuaciones. Más bien veo una sucesión de pequeños cambios que buscan adaptarse a cambios en el entorno, que a su vez provocan otros cambios en el entorno… un flujo de ajuste constante. Por no hablar de que, en el fondo último de las cosas, a lo único que hemos sido capaces de llegar es a un principio de incertidumbre, que las cosas son y no son a la vez. Exactamente lo que yo pienso de prácticamente todo lo que observo. Que es y no es.

Pienso que hay algo de reduccionismo industrial en esta mentalidad de la solución. La forma óptima de organizarse es ésta. Haciendo las cosas así se produce un X% más. Quizás porque nunca he trabajado en funciones muy deterministas, siempre tengo la sensación de que esa mentalidad sólo aplica para organizaciones que hacen trabajos muy básicos, y a la vez no estoy seguro de que las hormigas o las abejas funcionen así.

Curiosamente las dos aproximaciones son excluyentes. Si un grupo está industrializado, tendrá serios problemas para su adaptabilidad. Si un grupo está acostumbrado a la adaptabilidad, es muy difícil industrializarlo.

The instrument shapes the music but also the way you think about music.

Esos 10min por la mañana me hacen mucho bien. Debería aspirar a tenerlos también durante el día. Hacerme fumador de aire fresco. Una pena que no me ayude mi organismo con un síndrome de dependencia.

Es curioso este diario. Cosas que en mi cabeza sucedieron hace un mes, en realidad pasaron hace 4 días.

A la deriva

Las estrellas impasibles observan este planeta orbitar en un rincón cualquiera del universo. ¡Qué poco importa todo!

El viento continúa agitando todo ahí fuera, mientras yo planeo zambullirme en mi pozo privado de preocupaciones.


Just trying to post a video.

Violencia de género

El viento sacude con rabia el bambú. Sus finos tallos se vencen impotentes al tirón salvaje, y sus hojas se agitan implorantes. Entonces el viento cambia de dirección y el bambú se abandona. Es en esos momentos donde la violencia del viento y la resignación del bambú producen más desasosiego.

“The sky outside hinted at the start of a recorded dawn.”


First OP-1 tune

A lot to learn, but it's a start.

The joy of landing a good flight.

No escucho la lluvia

Me siento fuera a tomar el café. La madrugada hoy es negra y fría y una lluvia ligera golpea el techo del cobertizo. El sonido es una balsa que te transporta lento, y yo me dejo llevar sin preocuparme por el destino o el tiempo.

Pero pronto divago hacia el trastero de cosas que debo, debería o podría hacer. El polvorín de expectativas. Una ansiedad sorda nace en algún sitio entre el estómago y el pecho. No tiene forma pero puedo notar cómo atrae hacia ella los tejidos cercanos, como si hubiera hecho presa de ellos y con sedal los atrapa, implacable.

Ya no escucho la lluvia.

La fría madrugada y su lluvia ligera existen, y hay algo en ellas fascinante y maravilloso. El trastero no. Pero yo vivo con más intensidad lo que no existe que lo que sí. ¿Qué es esta maldición?

“It is a joy to be hidden... but a disaster not to be found.”

DW Winnicott

True power

Who was ultimately more powerful: the conqueror Alexander, who ruled the known world, or the philosopher Diogenes, whom Alexander could neither offer nor threaten with anything?

Tim Kreider writes in Power? No, Thanks, I’m Good.

The freedom to say what I think and command my own time is enough for me.

Dystopian dawn haunts me.

I've been there, and I have the fridge magnets to prove it.

Cuando nadie nos piense

Creamos mundos. Los imaginamos. Los describimos y otros los reproducen en su imaginación. Es un privilegio que tenemos. ¿Son reales esos mundos? Dejan de existir el día que alguien deja de imaginarlos. ¿Sigue existiendo lo que no se piensa?

Y nosotros, ¿a dónde vamos cuando nadie ya nos recuerda?

Estamos siendo imaginados.


The idea of worlds, world building.

But it’s not worlds, it’s something else. Worlds are just too big of an idea. This is closer. Communities. Cities. Geocities. But it’s more like tribes. Geotribes.

Like a colony, with the idea of venturing into the unknown. There is a great term in English: outpost. That’d be cool but it is less known. At the same time, it has so much of a tech vibe... I guess it depends on the audience.

colonies. geocolonies. outposts.

Will settle on colonies.

Actually... no. worlds is better.

Crafting leads to noticing.

Noticing is paying attention.

Attention leads to love.


I'm seduced by one-man-shows. The uncompromising creative vision of one individual. There is something genuine and true about it. A work of love that prints out part of someone's soul.

I understand the moment we introduce collaboration and teamwork the outcome becomes compromised and convergent. More often than not it broadens the appeal of the final work, it rounds it.

More and more I like edgy products.

Una red de mentiras soportando un peso cada vez mayor. Es una cuestión de tiempo.


If only we could detach as externals observers! Just check how the input > filter > process > output is constantly at work within us.

Develop better filters and better processors.

Actually, define what better is!

Learn to turn that machine off more often than not.

But above all: learn to detach from it and simply observe it, without judgement.

“Find the way to stop thinking.”

from deadmau5 masterclass

Time to build

From Site Reliability Engineering at Dropbox:


So necessary! So good!


If AI could control the work of individuals, companies would behave more like swarms than armies.

No matter how alienating today's corporations may seem, I hope that we can prove that the spark of genius of people working together outsmarts the efficiency of a perfectly controlled swarm of individuals.

Rituals. Mindlessly execute them. Do not think. Useful to get the mindset ready. Good to transition. From... to...

Who are you?

From The Daily Stoic:

Have you taken the time to get clarity about who you are and what you stand for? Or are you too busy chasing unimportant things, mimicking the wrong influences, and following disappointing or unfulfilling or nonexistent paths?

I find this somehow depressing.

Pensar = Justificar por qué lo que hacemos no encaja con lo que queremos ser.


El Quijote de nuestra era recorre redes sociales, marca tendencias, cosecha likes, es influyente e ingenioso. Hidalgo.

Dormir a Fer es una secuencia de pasos que cada día incorpora algo nuevo.

Todo lo que le divierte se convierte en un paso adicional. Nunca olvida ninguno. Hoy ya acumulamos:

  1. Carrera por las escaleras.
  2. Voltereta en la cama.
  3. Escondite.
  4. Lanzamiento a la cama.
  5. Beber agua.
  6. Arropar a los muñecos.
  7. Andrew Johnson.
  8. Aplastar su brazo con mi cuerpo.

Sampling = Noticing

Fer is constantly sampling the world around him. Then using those samples to play with them.

Sampling is noticing. Noticing to play. Noticing to bring something else.

Hello, World!

Un cambio más. Un scroll infinito. Sólo palabras.

Verdadero stream of thought.